Entry #1

My guitar...

2008-07-30 21:02:00 by Guytars

Good look what my guitar looks like =)

not a real picture of my guitar**

can't find the cord to my camera... too bad. So i can upload it to my computer... bummer. =\

My guitar...


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2008-07-30 21:09:17

badass. do you have any other views or a real life picture?

Guytars responds:

I don't really have a camera... well i have one but i lost the cord that goes from the camera to the computer. So I can't show you a real life picture till I find that damn cord. So... but I'll show you some more VIEWS~!!@! =[)


2008-07-30 21:41:16

I want a penis guitar

Guytars responds:



2008-07-31 23:53:52

Nice guitar, looks pretty slick! How much did that bad boy cost?

Guytars responds:

got it from a friend, it was about $100 I got a good deal =). His father owns a part of Guitar Center, so he gets good deals.